WTVO/My Stateline: Kinzinger eulogizes National Guard pilot killed in Iraq

WASHINGTON D.C. - Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-16th District) offered a eulogy to an airman who was killed, along with 6 other U.S. military members, in a helicopter crash in western Iraq on Saturday, March 16th.

Kinzinger served with Capt. Andreas O'Keefe, 37, of the New York Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing, who was one of seven service members killed in the crash.

Kinzinger spoke in Washington D.C. on Thursday. "As an airman, I had the privilege and honor of flying with Cpt. Andreas O'Keefe," Kinzinger began. "Like many who joined the service, Andy did so voluntarily, with a servant's heart, eager to serve his country and to help others."

Prior to becoming a congressman, Kinzinger served in the United States Air Force, in Air Force Special Operations, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air National Guard.

Kinzinger is currently still a pilot in the Air National Guard, with the current rank of Major.



The full article and video coverage can be found here, and the full video of the speech can the Congressman's YouTube channel.