WSPY News: Local Members of Congress Support Coronavirus Relief Bill

Both local Democratic and Republican members of Congress applauded Thursday's passage of federal legislation for another infusion of funds for small businesses and other needs.

One of the representatives says more still needs to be done.

14th District Democratic Congresswoman Lauren Underwood said the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, is interim legislation to deliver urgently needed resources to small businesses, protect health care workers, and expand access to coronavirus testing.

She says the infusion will help small businesses and farmers reeling from the coronavirus crisis, while investing in health care providers, testing, and requiring the administration develop a national plan for testing—so once businesses re-open, they can stay open.

Underwood said the bill was a necessary interim fix but that Congress has more work to do and should immediately get to work on the next relief package.

ABC News reported that as Congress rushes to pump another $310 billion into the popular PPP, experts say there could be a delay in the money being available and that it's likely to quickly run out of cash once again.

Additionally, 16th District Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger was in support. He said the program, "has been a lifeline for millions of Americans across the country, saving jobs and providing much-needed relief. But the funds ran out well over two weeks ago and businesses are struggling to stay afloat, let alone pay their employees."

Kinzinger said he was glad to see the legislation pass with strong, bipartisan support saying the aid package also includes more funding for COVID-19 testing and healthcare providers.


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