WSPY News: Kinzinger Pushes Bill to Protect Manufacturing Supply Chains

Sixteenth District Congressman Adam Kinzinger has introduced a bill meant to protect manufacturing supply chains. Kinzinger says the pandemic showed weaknesses in the supply chain for personal protective equipment.

Kinzinger says the bill would form a task force that looks at supply chains and looks for weaknesses.

Once a weak supply chain is found, Kinzinger says the goal is to move that manufacturing back into the United States using incentives.

The bill would also provide incentives for companies moving into the Western Hemisphere to a lesser extent. Kinzinger calls it near-shoring. Kinzinger is introducing the bill the with Colorado Democrat Jason Clow. It is being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives.


The full article with audio clips from the Press Conference with Rep. Kinzinger can be found on the WSPY News website here.

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