WLPO: Congressman Kinzinger Reacts to Trump's Emergency Declaration

Coverage of Congressman Kinzinger's Statement on Coronavirus Response

Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump stepped up to the mic in the White House rose garden and declared the coronavirus a national emergency.  According to Fox News, this allows the president access to billions of dollars to stop an emergency situation – funds that normally would have been spent differently. The funds likely will go toward virus test kids, meds, and other medical supplies.

Immediately after Trump’s remarks, our Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, held a conference call with reporters from the district. He had this to say about how the extra finding will benefit us here.

Which isn’t to say the good congressman wasn’t a little miffed about things.

Kinzinger also had this to say about the virus’ impact on markets.

He also said he sees the “R” word around the corner.

Apparently Wall Street didn’t get that memo. Stocks wrapped up Friday with their best day since 2008.


^ These soundbites and the original article can be found on the Rock River Radio (WLPO) website here.