WIFR: Rep. Adam Kinzinger tours district area farm

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Illinois’ 16th district representative Adam Kinzinger toured Deutsch dairy farm in Sycamore Wednesday morning.

The farm’s co-owner, Bill Deutsch highlighted his goals of working towards zero emissions and lowering the farm’s carbon footprint by 2050.

During the visit, congressman Kinzinger commented on his appointment to the January 6th committee that’s investigating the insurrection that took place at the nation’s capitol earlier this year.

Kinzinger said, “I will fight hard for the interest of the district when it comes to things like the economy and businesses but if it comes to an oath keeping thing, my loyalty and decisions is not to any re-election, it is 100% to the Constitution of the United States and I will have failed at my job if I worried about my re-election or opinions of people over my duty to the Constitution.”

The original article and video coverage can be found on the 23WIFR website here.

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