WCSJ News: Kinzinger Accuses China of COVID-19 Misinformation Campaign

Congressman Adam Kinzinger discussed how he says the Chinese government failed the rest of the world with its handling of the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

This was during a webinar hosted by the Grundy Economic Development Council last week. Kinzinger said criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party should not be a partisan issue. The congressman claims China knowingly misled the world about COVID-19's dangers while actively working to protect itself.

The Trump administration has begun to formally withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization, citing alleged Chinese influence in the organization. Kinzinger also brushed aside claims that blaming China for the virus is racist.

Kinzinger said the international community needs to come together to stop China's misinformation campaign. 

Kinzinger also addressed how the ongoing trade war with China is affecting area farmers.  He said the way for America to win the trade war is through diplomacy. He also said the nation's agriculture sector needs to look at opening up new markets around the world.


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