Washington Examiner: GOP congressman urges fellow Republicans to denounce QAnon conspiracy theory

Rep. Adam Kinzinger says it's time for members of the GOP to unequivocally denounce QAnon.

The Illinois Republican made the comments on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday.

"Up to maybe about a week ago, there wasn't a reason to denounce it because it didn't need the attention," Kinzinger said. "But now that it's made mainstream — we have a candidate that embraces it that won a primary. I supported her primary opponent; the president hasn't fully denounced it or denounced it at all. Now it's time for leaders to come out and denounce it."

The QAnon conspiracy theory alleges that a group of powerful sex traffickers are working to take down President Trump. The FBI has said that adherents to the theory could pose a domestic terror threat.

When asked how people should speak to family or friends who might believe in the theory, Kinzinger responded that it's important to recognize an individual's "humanity."

"If anybody buys into a conspiracy theory, whether it's on the far-left, far-right, you know, we never landed on the moon, or whatever it is, it's out of an interest of, 'If only the truth was known, life would be for me and other people,'" he said. "And so, everybody thinks they're the good guy. Everybody wants to do right, and I think understanding humanity from that perspective and then engaging them in that perspective through love and understanding is far different."

Kinzinger was invited onto the program after he tweeted about QAnon last week, saying that the theory has "no place in Congress." His tweet was presumably in response to the primary victory of Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory and will likely become the congresswoman for Georgia's 14th District.

Many others in the GOP have yet to disavow Greene or QAnon. Trump has endorsed her candidacy.


The original article and video clip of the interview can be found on the Washington Examiner website here.