The Washington Times: Adam Kinzinger: The Trump administration is not 'pining for armed conflict' with Iran

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Wednesday the notion President Trump’s administration wants to enter a conflict with Iran is “ludicrous.”

“The idea that the administration wants to get into armed conflict with Iran — it may make good for political back and forth — but it’s not true. They’re not pining for armed conflict,” the Illinois Republican said on CNN’s “New Day” show.

“Do they want to take the Iranians down for what they’re doing around the world? Absolutely,” he said, before listing Iranian’s “adventurism” in other Middle East countries.

“But the idea that we are desperate for a military conflict from an unnamed official is ludicrous, but we do want Iranians to stop ruining the Middle East like they’re doing,” he said, referring to reports that National Security Adviser John R. Bolton is pushing for war.

The New York Times reported Monday night that the Trump administration is planning to send 120,000 troops to the region.

President Trump denied planning for it right now, but he said a land invasion would require him to “send a hell of a lot more troops than” 120,000.

Since the report, the Trump administration has deployed additional military to the Persian Gulf and ordered U.S. Embassy personnel in Iraq to vacate amid the Iranian tensions.


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