The Hill: Kinzinger raises $2.2 million for reelection fund, anti-Trump PAC

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) raised roughly $2.2 million in the first quarter of 2021 split evenly between his reelection bid and an anti-Trump PAC he formed earlier this year.

Kinzinger faces several potential primary opponents due to his vote to impeach former President Trump over his role in inciting the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The congressman has also faced a string of rebukes from Republicans who have cast him as insufficiently loyal to the party or Trump, whom many still view as the GOP standard-bearer. 

The six-term lawmaker has not officially launched his reelection campaign but touted the haul as “a strong showing.” The $1.1 million his campaign raised was nearly three times what it raised for the same time period in 2019, and his PAC, launched in January, has garnered more than 10,000 small dollar donors.

“Over the last few months, many have questioned my outspoken stances, my emphasis on integrity and combating the conspiracies. Many have said I was in serious political jeopardy by going against the grain, but these numbers for my re-election campaign are telling a different story. It reflects an overwhelming support for what I’m advocating for—truth and honesty—and, putting country over party,” Kinzinger said in a statement.

“Across the board, these numbers show that we have momentum here. The level of enthusiasm says it all, we are offering an alternative—an optimistic view of our democracy and real hope for the future. Our approach to governing and leadership—telling the truth, not using fear as a motivator, and offering a positive vision for our nation—is resonating. Now is the time."

Kinzinger has seen his profile elevated along with his criticism of the former president, culminating in the launch of his anti-Trump PAC.

“This is no time for silence, not after the last month, not after the past few years. Someone needs to tell the truth. Someone needs to say what history needs to hear. So here I am. The Republican Party has lost its way,” Kinzinger said in a video accompanying the launch. 

“Today's Republican Party, it’s not the one I joined. The GOP I signed up for was built on a foundation of principle, and it was filled with hope. We believed a brighter future was just around the bend, and we fought tirelessly to get there.” 

Kinzinger’s PAC has endorsed the other nine House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January and has said that it will continue throwing its support behind other candidates who have been willing to buck the former president.


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