Sauk Valley News: SHAW MEDIA EDITORIAL - Kinzinger's Views Best Fit for 16th District

Shaw Media Editorial Board Endorses Adam Kinzinger for Congress Representing the 16th District of Illinois

Adam Kinzinger is seeking a fifth term in Congress, his fourth representing the 16th Congressional District, which includes all of Lee and Ogle counties.

Kinzinger, a Channahon Republican, is a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. An early opponent of President Donald Trump, he says he now supports him unequivocally for another term.

He is opposed by Democrat Sara Dady, a Rockford immigration attorney whose views stand in direct opposition in many cases: Dady supports a universal “Medicare for all” system while Kinzinger says it would be a disaster that would lead to long lines for health care. He has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act because he says it has forced too many people to change doctors, lose health care plans, and buy high-deductible plans that are virtually useless in everyday situations. 

Kinzinger says his thinking has “evolved” on tariffs imposed on China, which he now supports because he says the country is ruthless in stealing American technology and in manipulating the market to keep out American goods. Dady says America’s farmers and manufacturers – especially smaller, family owned enterprises – stand to be devastated by the trade war with China.

In the final evaluation, Kinzinger’s positions best match those of the 16th District. Although he supports the trade skirmish with China that has put farmers at a disadvantage and could lead many to store their soybeans this season, he says that money from tariffs collected on Chinese goods can be used to support ag interests.

In general, Kinzinger can be counted on to support measures that will foster American prosperity. He backed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which will make federal income tax filing simpler for thousands of people in the district; he also points to the GDP growth and falling unemployment since the act was passed in December 2017 as evidence it is helping middle-class Americans.

We’ve heard the repeated criticism from people who say Kinzinger is isolated from the district and reluctant to hold town hall meetings. However, this seems more like rhetoric than a reasonable criticism. Kinzinger has met with constituents during this election cycle and is of necessity out of the district at times because members of Congress have to be in Washington to vote.

We think Kinzinger best matches with the views of the 16th District. He is endorsed.


The original editorial endorsement can be found on the Sauk Valley News website here.