Sauk Valley News: Leveling the internet playing field: Spending bill provides $600 million for rural broadband

WASHINGTON – Two broadband bills sponsored by U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, were included in the nation’s new spending bill that provides $600 million in new funding for broadband projects in rural areas.

After taking Congress to task for passing the $1.3 trillion 2018 omnibus bill, President Donald Trump signed it on March 23. The bill funds the government through September.

The $600 million in appropriated funding will set up a pilot program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, for rural broadband projects. The money also will be used to bolster existing USDA loan and grant programs targeting underserved rural areas.

The ag department estimates that the investment will leverage $1 billion in new rural broadband projects.

Kinzinger, who voted for the bill, serves as co-chairman of the Rural Broadband Caucus. He led the push in the House for two initiatives that were included in the spending bill.

The Rural Spectrum Accessibility Act aims to expand the reach of broadband by expanding wireless coverage in rural communities. Kinzinger also spearheaded a bill that requires the Federal Communications Commission to produce a report on veterans’ access to broadband and devise plans for increasing it.

The congressman said that although much work remains to be done, big steps are being taken to close the digital divide in rural America.

“After months of hard work by our House Energy and Commerce Committee, we have produced and enacted legislation to better utilize broadband spectrum, increase competitiveness, and expand broadband access in rural areas,” Kinzinger said in a news release.


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