Sauk Valley News: LETTER: Rep. Kinzinger fighting hard for his constituents

Letter to the Editor by By Emily L. Pratt of Dixon, IL

I moved to Dixon 10 years ago to become a part of my husband’s fifth-generation farming family. My husband and I live on the same farm that his great-grandfather operated in the 1950s.

Our country’s founders were agriculturalists, and they understood the importance of growing our own food. The agriculture sector embraced by our founders remains the backbone of our economy today.

Farming accounts for nearly a trillion dollars of the GDP each year. We aren’t just feeding and supplying Americans; we are exporting to the entire world.

Promoting free and fair trade is vital to the success of our industry. While most of us think NAFTA could be improved, most of us have honestly been a bit nervous during the negotiations. We also learned there was a typo in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that inadvertently created a major imbalance in our market. We appreciated everything else about the bill, but that was something the ag community pushed to have fixed quickly.

During this uncertainty, however, many of us in Lee County received regular contact from Congressman Adam Kinzinger and his staff, which put us more at ease knowing he was fighting for our priorities. He was a strong voice to fix the “grain glitch” in the recent spending deal, and thankfully, it was included.

He weighed in with House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway to support our priorities and invited him to a conference call about the Farm Bill with farmers from his district, of which I was a participant. I admire his passion to find solutions that benefit our district and our nation. 

I appreciate that Mr. Kinzinger shares my views and concerns on agriculture, trade and taxes, and I know he is fighting for his constituents in Washington.


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