Sauk Valley News: LETTER: Kinzinger and Demmer get my vote

Letter to the Editor by Jason Alexander from Dixon, IL

To the Editor:

Congressman Adam Kinzinger and state Rep. Tom Demmer are two of the finest legislators we could ever hope to have representing us here in Lee County.

I have come to know both of these men personally as well as professionally and I can tell you, from experience, both men go the extra mile to serve their constituents.  

Adam and Tom both hold to traditional family values, believe in protecting the sanctity of life of the unborn, stand firmly in supporting our law enforcement agencies, and staunchly seek to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  

On Nov. 3, I am casting my vote for Adam Kinzinger for U.S. Congress and Tom Demmer for the Illinois House of Representatives and I hope you will too.

Jason Anderson, Dixon


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