Rockford Register Star: LETTER: Kinzinger's local state of mind

Letter to the Editor by Sarah Condon of Minooka, IL

A great deal of the time, politicians who serve on the federal level lose sight of the local impacts on their district or state. This is not surprising — after all, these men and women are dealing with important issues from national security, taxes, regulations, etc., that impact the entire country.

In the 16th District, we’re represented by Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a young man who has served his country in the armed forces. I see Kinzinger quite often on Fox News talking about national security issues as well as the issues of the day. I’m impressed with his grasp on these issues. More importantly, I’m impressed with Kinzinger’s work on localized issues in his district.

I’ve seen highlighted in news coverage his work on hosting and attending forums on human trafficking. This is an issue many don’t know is taking place in Illinois. I can’t imagine the horrendous feeling of being forced into human trafficking. I’m glad our congressman isn’t afraid to bring awareness to this wickedness. Additionally, I’ve seen Mr. Kinzinger hold and attend forums on opioid abuse and what to do to address this epidemic. The funding he has fought for to combat this issue is commendable as well.

As a mother of two young children, I know I’ll have to do my best to educate them on these important issues. These are local issues — they affect everyone and I’m glad our congressman remembers to stay local while also representing us on the federal level.

— Sarah Condon, Minooka


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