Rochelle News Leader: LETTER: Supports Kinzinger for re-election

Letter to the Editor by Rick Mott of IL-16

Dear Editor,

Representative Adam Kinzinger is a man of his word and works hard to ensure that he truly represents his voters’ interests.
He is very responsive and takes time for his constituents. Mr. Kinzinger takes the time to personally address citizens’ concerns. When I have a question for Mr. Kinzinger, I either call or email his office. I always get a quick response. We don’t always agree on an issue, but he is always open to discussion and differing viewpoints.

Adam Kinzinger effectively communicates without utilizing town hall meetings as town hall meetings have proven to be unproductive.

As a veteran, I appreciate the work Adam has done to make sensible changes to the Veterans Administration and to veteran benefits. Mr. Kinzinger supports keeping the tax cuts for all tax payers in place.

He believes we must continue the hard work of improving our healthcare system so it is more accessible and affordable for all Americans. Healthcare should be about patients and doctors, not government and bureaucrats. He supports common sense updates to the laws and regulations by which people legally enter our country.

The 16th District election boils down to the same major issues we see in elections across the country. Ms. Dady supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15, socialized Medicare for all, affordable (free) education and making everyone that is an illegal immigrant legal. These socialist ideas all sound just great on the surface; however, as Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

In the 2018 election the lines could not be clearer. If you want lower taxes, a focus on safer communities and less government involvement in our daily lives, then vote to keep Adam Kinzinger as our 16th District representative.

Rick Mott
16th District voter


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