Ottawa Times: LETTER: Congressman Kinzinger supports us all

Letter to the Editor by June Steder of Marseilles, IL

It seems like anytime people in Ottawa talk about Congressman Adam Kinzinger, they regurgitate mistruths fed to them by others. It has always been my belief that you need to do your own research instead of just listening to others. While Adam may not vote the way you want every time, (he) continues to stand by his convictions that first led him to run for Congress in 2010.

I first met Adam in 2009. He was just a young man still in uniform, a pilot with the U.S. Air Force just returning from his 3rd tour in Iraq. His campaign was incredible since he was still in service and had only rare opportunities for appearances. Yet, he always spoke from the heart. It was clear that he loved his country and its citizens.

After his election, he opened an office here in Ottawa Illinois – in the Central Life Building. I like to think it was because of the support we gave him.

In 2013, when the Syrian President used sarin gas on so many innocent children, President Obama said that our military should get involved and strike Syrian targets in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons. Congressman Adam Kinzinger stood as the sole Republican supporting the President. You see, Adam believes in doing what’s necessary to protect our country and the world, especially women and children. He doesn’t chuck his beliefs just because of party lines. He took a lot of heat from the Republican party because of this stance. I, for one, applauded him.

Today, as an experienced lawmaker and politician, one thing remains true — he’s still just Adam, still has the same values that I admired when he ran as a young Air Force pilot. When I do get to spend time with him, he always asks about my concerns and takes the time to truly listen. I’ve watched him over the years as he stood up for women and children in his district, across America, and around the world.

Whenever I call his office, his staff is right on top of things. They work to support us – his constituents. They keep his website up to speed on his remarks, local appearances, and stance on issues. I’ve received countless letters from his staff, letting me know how or why he voted for something. Whenever someone regurgitates mistruths, I steer them to his website and encourage them to write to Adam, as well as to sign up for his newsletter.

It won’t be long before there’s tons of phone calls, postcards, and ads on TV, radio and in the newspaper. I encourage you to do your research. Visit Adam’s website; call him; call me. You will get answers – ones that I know people of the Illinois Valley will love to hear. He truly does represent all of us. Make your voice heard now – before all the hoopla begins. Support Adam!!!

June Steder, Marseilles



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