Newsmax: Rep. Kinzinger Says Sanctions Led to Kim's Request for Talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to meet President Donald Trump's as a result of the strict program of sanctions being enforced against the Asian nation and its government, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Friday.

"Back when all this began, you might remember the tough talk from President Trump and the left was kind of going crazy and said [Trump] would start World War III," the Illinois Republican told Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

"This has compelled the North to the table," said Kinzinger, while urging caution.

"They've done this maneuver many times before, where they simply try to buy time," said Kinzinger. "If there's anyone from a North Korean regime watching the show, there's one message for them I would give.

"Don't let up this time because the president is willing to talk to you, but if you break off talks with no concessions and no move towards denuclearization, I fear the only option for that as military options."

Kinzinger said he's had time to talk with a few of his fellow lawmakers and they are pleased with what has happened.

"The president has been very clear, that I'm willing to talk under the right conditions," he said. "The right conditions are stopped nuclear testing. We will keep our joint military exercises going."

It also would be wise for North Korea to realize it's the nation's "one opportunity to really prevent a military strike. The president is very serious about the use of military and prays he doesn't have to. I met with him three months ago and he mentioned that we never want to go there, but it's an option. This is North Korea's opportunity to do the right thing."

"If President Trump basically goes and meets with him and gets nothing out of it, I don't see any more possibility for diplomatic action," said Kinzinger.


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