LaSalle News Tribune: LETTER: Adam Kinzinger fights for agriculture and the family farm

A letter to the editor by Jim Rapp of Princeton, Illinois.

To the Editor:

As a farmer for over 50 years I have seen a lot. Right now is certainly a tough time for farmers. Commodity prices are down but we still find purpose in the important work we do feeding the world, and these past couple months have highlighted how important the food supply chain is.

Though times are tough, I am thankful for the work my representative in Congress, Adam Kinzinger, has done in fighting for the agriculture economy and the family farm. He’s been a vocal advocate for opening markets for our products.

He understands that corn helps provide a clean economical source of fuel and his support for ethanol has enabled corn growers to market corn for clean burning fuel. I’m not surprised Kinzinger has received the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Friend of Agriculture Award every year he has been in office. Adam has led the charge in repealing the death tax so we can pass on our land to our children without them being penalized. He has a clear purpose in fighting for his constituents. I don’t know how many more years of farming I have left, but I know I have a supporter in Congressman Kinzinger for however many more I am blessed with.

Jim Rapp, Princeton


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