LaSalle News Tribune: Kinzinger, LaHood assigned to 'hold China accountable'

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Darin LaHood recently were selected by House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to serve on the China Task Force, a committee of House Members that will work together in addressing the threats posed by the Communist Party of China.

McCarthy noted this joint task force was designed a year ago and more on that can be found at Kinzinger's district includes parts of La Salle and Bureau counties and Putnam County, and LaHood's district includes Marshall County.

“For years, I have worked in Congress to push for greater oversight on our relations with China," said Kinzinger. "I’ve worked to strengthen our reviews of proposed investments by China and urged leaders to confront their improper and illegal trading practices that hurt our farmers and agriculture economy. I’ve pushed for sanctions on bad actors in China who have threatened our communication networks and worked to strengthen our cyber capabilities as well as our space assets. I’ve been vocal about the need to hold the Chinese government accountable for violations on human rights, and their misinformation campaign surrounding the coronavirus and subsequent withholding of information that has cost thousands of lives.
“For too long, the United States has allowed the Communist Party of China to encroach on our very way of life and it’s time we take these threats to task."


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