LaSalle News Tribune: Congressman Adam Kinzinger addresses national issues during DePue visit

Congressman Adam Kinzinger addressed a few national issues Wednesday during his visit to DePue, including his support of President Donald Trump.

“It comes down to, in a country like ours having two choices, and all you have to do is see what’s going on in Kenosha last night or what’s been going on in Portland,” Kinzinger said. "You saw today, when it comes to the EPA, there’s movement, and things are actually getting done; they’re cutting red tape and, frankly, the best person to be in place for an economic recovery that’s needed by no fault of his own is Donald Trump.”

Kinzinger said he will continue to stand apart from Trump on issues like QAnon, which he thinks the president needs to forcefully denounce, although he doesn’t see much value in the president going into detail.

“I’ll continue to be outspoken, because my loyalty is to the people I represent,” Kinzinger said. “My personal belief is that for the future of this country, the Trump administration needs another four years.”

Kinzinger said he thinks another stimulus package will be necessary in the future but is disappointed with Democrats for not "negotiating in good faith."

The Democrat-controlled house passed a $3 trillion bill back in May, which Kinzinger referred to as a “campaign document.”

“Unfortunately, elective politics seems to infect everything,” Kinzinger said. “I think a smaller boost, not the $600, to unemployment is necessary, but ultimately we need to work towards getting our economy fully opened back up, getting a vaccine and getting testing where it needs to be."

On the topic of reopening schools, Kinzinger said that’s a decision that needs to be made on the state or community level, not nationally. 

“If a community thinks they can do it safely, then they should open their schools,” Kinzinger said. “I think kids being in school is healthy, but if there are concerns, we need to put their safety first.”

Kinzinger said he’s impressed with the Republican National Convention so far, calling Republican Congressman Tim Scott’s speech "amazing."

“I compared what I saw at the RNC to what i saw at the [Democratic National Convention], and this one seems to reach a broader audience, it’s better produced. It’s enough for the base to be excited, and there’s a lot of outreach to people who typically don’t vote Republican,” Kinzinger said.

“Tim Scott is a personal friend of mine, and his speech was amazing. I’d love to see that guy as president.”

Kinzinger also addressed the ongoing situation in Kenosha, where an armed gunman, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, has been charged with murder in connection with the deaths of two protesters and the injury of a third.

“I know what I saw in the video, but what I’ve learned is you never know initially if what you see in a video is in line with the facts,” Kinzinger said. “If it was premeditated murder, then it’s absolutely correct to arrest him, but I think we need all indications.”

Kinzinger said Wisconsin allows open carry, which is different than Illinois, and he had heard at one point Rittenhouse was being pursued by protesters.


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