Iroquois County Times-Republic: Kinzinger stops by Nichols' shop

Congressman Kinzinger stops in to visit Nichols Paint and Fab shop in Watseka. 

Congressman Adam Kinzinger was impressed with Nichols Paint and Fab in Watseka when he stopped by Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s awesome,” he smiled.

The Nichols Paint and Fab crew is currently filming the second season of “Wrench’d”, the Velocity television show filmed at their shop.

Kinzinger, along with some staff members, also took time to purchase T-shirts and talk with Justin Nichols about the shop and what the crew has been up to.

“Watching the show is cool,” Kinzinger said, “and knowing it’s in the district is hard to describe to people. When you represent an area and you see good things happen, you kind of beam with pride. So to be able to go in and see it is really awesome and just to see these humble men and women who, kind of out of no where, became stars, and see the great work they are doing right here in Watseka is cool.

“You look at some of the projects they are doing, and have to to conceptualize “I have this existing thing and I want it to look like this, and how am I going to get there?’,” he said, noting that not everyone can do as such.

“They certainly are creative,” he said.

Nichols, too, said that he was thankful that Kinzinger “took the time to come out and visit the shop and see what’s going on. He was really impressed with what he saw, and where I came from and where I’m at. It’s one of those American dream scenarios, I guess.”

The shop has continued to grow, he said, and now that the television show has happened, they continue to see people stop by from all over the country.

An average of 12 to 15 people stop by, he said, and want T-shirts, sometimes want a tour or to talk. They try to accommodate as much as they can while still getting their work done.


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