Fox News Radio: Congressman Adam Kinzinger on Democrats Voting Present on Resolution Supporting ICE

Congressman Kinzinger (R-IL) joins the Benson & Harf radio show and says "If you vote present, that's weak" on the House vote to support ICE agents. 

The House passed a resolution Wednesday expressing support for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, as a growing number of liberals in the Democratic Party has called to abolish the agency that enforces federal immigration laws.

The non-binding resolution, sponsored by Louisiana GOP Rep. Clay Higgins, passed 244 to 35 with 133 voting present -- and Republicans may "weaponize" the vote against Democrats. The measure extols ICE for countering the narcotics trade and applauds its efforts in rescuing people caught in human-trafficking schemes.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss the resolution to support ICE , the Caesar Act he is pushing to be passed in the Senate and more. 

On the Caesar Act: Syria is a tragedy and in the broader picture I'm worried about any kind of a deal that's been struck with Russia on this. It's hard to cut through sometimes and I get it things happen on the other side of the world and they don't feel personal. Well, there are 500,000 dead Syrians, 50,000 of which are children. And among those especially in the beginning and now, there was a lot of torture reminisant of what you see in Nazi Germany and there was a hero, his name is Caesar. That's what he goes by his alias. He was a regime solider and he was tasked with taking a picture of every torture victim. He knew he was going to turn against the regime but kept at his job for a significant period of time taking picture of naked bodies tortured to death because he wanted to smuggle these pictures out into the world and he did it. But what the Caesar Act does is it sanctions people who are responsible for this. (1:13)

On resolution passed supporting ICE: Look, one thing we don't do and they do it in state houses, but we never really do it in D.C. we never vote present. When I came out here they basically told us you have to have courage and you have to vote yes or no on every bill. If you vote present that's weak and I think this is weak. It's chicken. (3:22)

On President's comments the past few days: It's really kind of mind-blowing. I've gotten to know the President over the past couple of years and you look at his policies we know his administration has been very anti-Russia, but there is this blind spot where it is so easy for him to criticize Theresa May and it's so easy for him to criticize Angela Merkel but he has not once said a bad word about Vladimir Putin, one of the most evil guys in the world. (6:07)

On how it can be imparted to Trump that he is being to hard on allies and praising Putin: I think it can be imparted, but it's going to take Republicans, look I get along with the President I talked to him on the phone on Friday. We like each other, but a lot of times people in Congress or Senate or in other positions are scared to call him out when he's incorrect and so he never gets feedback that he's incorrect.  (8:47)

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