Fox News: Kinzinger on Success Against ISIS

Rep. Adam Kinzinger explained why he believes President Donald Trump's strategy against ISIS is paying dividends in his first year in office.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said this week that ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory in Iraq and Syria this year. 

Earlier this week a conservative New York Times columnist, Ross Douthat, said Trump effectively routed ISIS in Syria and Iraq without the need of a massive ground troop invasion and without getting into a war with Russia or Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

He argued that the media has largely failed by "not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested."

Kinzinger (R-Ill.), a former Air National Guard pilot who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Bill Hemmer that the main difference between Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, is the rules governing our military on the ground.

"One of the most important things the president has done is empowered not just the generals in Washington, but the field commanders. ... We've seen extremely rapid progress against ISIS," said Kinzinger.

He said when wars become too "bureaucratic," officers on the ground sometimes need to wait for authorization from higher-ups in Washington, D.C. before they can launch a lethal action. 

Sometimes those delays can result in a suspected terrorist getting away, he explained. 

Kinzinger said Trump is empowering the people who know what they're doing, like Defense Secretary James Mattis, while the Obama administration was "paralyzed" by inaction and a tendency to overthink decisions. 

"I don't think [Obama] ever intended for ISIS to come to power or for Syria to become a tragedy, but I think he was paralyzed by action, so there was a lot of inaction," said Kinzinger. 


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