DeKalb Daily Chronicle: LETTER: Kinzinger supports building trades, laborers

Letter to the Editor by Jim Higgins of DeKalb, IL

To the Editor:

I've been working in the construction industry for a long time. As a proud union laborer – I've been blessed to have had work that supports my family and gives me fulfillment in seeing the things we and our fellow building tradesmen build.

When people think of infrastructure, they think roads and bridges – and that certainly is the biggest part – but infrastructure is more than that. It's also things like broadband. I was impressed to learn that Kinzinger fought to bring rural broadcast to underserved areas. I also like that he's talking about our water supplies. And I'm definitely supportive of his fight for an overall infrastructure package that would repair and rebuild our nation's infrastructure and put a lot of good men and women to work benefiting the local economy and the national economy.

We in the trades want to continue to provide a good living for our families and we want to continue building. I'm glad we have a congressman who supports that.

Jim Higgins



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