Daily Herald: LETTER: We need Kinzinger and nuclear power

Letter to the Editor by Tom Rausch of Glen Ellyn, IL.

Thank you, Daily Herald, for your Dec. 16 editorial in praise of Rep.
Adam Kinzinger for defending against the unfounded attacks on our
election system. Rep. Kinzinger is among the few Republicans who put
our country ahead of politics in this time of unprecedented division. He
has also spoken out on how important it is for America to not lose its
largest source of environmentally clean and reliable energy -- our
nuclear power units.

As a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee,
Rep. Kinzinger has fought for legislation that would support our aging
but valuable nuclear fleet and prevent the loss of the thousands of good paying jobs.

It is time for Rep. Kinzinger and members of Congress on both sides to
recognize a bipartisan approach that would not only prevent the
shutdown of these valuable assets, but would also accelerate the
transition to an economy no longer reliant on fossil fuels.
Place a gradually rising price on fossil fuel carbon at its source and
return most of the proceeds to Americans. This approach seriously
addresses climate change, improves air quality and is supported by
virtually all economists, major corporations and the international

Sen. Dick Durbin's America's Clean Future Fund Act and the Energy
Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act are examples of such policy.

Predictable pricing allows market forces to determine energy
investments without using government regulations or mandates.

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