Bloomington Pantagraph: Kinzinger issues statement on missile strike

Congressman Kinzinger on Iran's missile strikes on U.S. troops

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Adam Kinzinger, R-16th, released the following statement Wednesday morning after Iran launched missiles on two airbases in Iraq that house U.S. troops:

“America is a beacon of light around the world, standing for freedom and justice. We stand for the oppressed, for those who don’t have a voice. And when we stand united, our message is that much stronger. Last night, Iran fired missiles at Al-Asad and Erbil Airbases in Iraq, where our U.S. troops are stationed. This was an escalation by the Iranians, and a misguided one at that. As a nation, we must stand together in support of our military men and women, and their loved ones. This is not a time for political bias and political posturing; this is a time of unity and showing our support to our heroes in uniform.”

Kinzinger, a former member of the McLean County Board, is a lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Air Force/Wisconsin Air National Guard who has served twice in Iraq, as well as previous missions in South America, Guam, Iraq and Afghanistan. 


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