With planting season in full swing, the last thing farmers like me have time for is worrying about Congress. But with Congress voting on the next farm bill any day now, Princeton and Illinois farmers can rest easy knowing that U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger is looking out for us.

I’ve been farmer for 50 years, I’ve seen good times and I’ve seen lean times, and I know the programs that Kinzinger supports, like crop insurance, aren’t optional for farmers and rural communities.

Kinzinger also supports USDA programs that help us sell our crops to other countries, and he continues to be a strong supporter of ethanol — which for folks like me who mostly grow corn is needed.

Even though the economy is picking up, the farm economy is still moving slowly. We need a farm bill and common-sense programs in place that support agriculture, so we can plan for something as soon as the fall harvest to long-term things like making sure young people, like my sons, continue to have a strong family farm to work.

Whether you’re a farmer or not, strong farms mean strong rural communities, and I’m glad we’ve got Adam Kinzinger in Washington fighting for Illinois farmers.

Jim Rapp