Letter: Adam Kinzinger is a model of a guardian of the nation

Nations require guardians, citizens require good representation, young people require good role models, and in Adam Kinzinger our district is blessed with all three.

Congressman Kinzinger has always been an impressive man who was clearly and rapidly headed for great things. To defeat an incumbent in a local election is no small task, to do it at 20 years old while pursuing a degree in business and fulfilling ROTC obligations is astounding.

Every time I’ve cast a ballot for Kinzinger, I’ve been confident that I was voting for a true servant leader. Servant leadership has a lengthy definition I’m sure, but in reality its meaning is simple – humility and sacrifice.

Anyone who has met our Congressman knows his good-natured smile, firm handshake, and his way of giving you his full attention even if you are just some college kid … humility. Sacrifice means many things to different people, but few would dispute that writing Uncle Sam a blank check constitutes sacrifice.

Nor could they deny that to come to the aid of a stranger who was being assaulted by a knife-wielding man, sacrificing at least sound body and potentially life itself, requires bravery and genuine concern for one’s fellow citizens.

The officer’s oath and that of Congress are taken to the Constitution (and by extension the people) and before God. I’ve often looked to Kinzinger during moments of uncertainty on the national stage and found that his actions indicate that his loyalty is to the people – giving weight to the words “I’m an American before I’m a Republican…”.

He’s willing to stand up to whoever and whenever it is necessary for the good of the people – never mind the risk he runs of angering powerful people within his party.

I’ve always found that Kinzinger and his staff are outstanding at constituent services. He cares about what we have to say and how we feel. If he didn’t, a man with his talents would be gone from the hill and on to profitable ventures.

I also know that this is a very busy time in Washington for someone on two committees and a handful of subcommittees. I’ve no doubt that he makes every effort to meet and listen to constituents as directly as possible whenever possible.

Thank you for being a leader we can take pride in, sir, and a happy early birthday to you.

Edward Lee Bowie III